Comicon Craze

by Leslie Combemale

ok, yes, we’ll be at Comic-Con, and i’m very excited! It turns out John won’t be going to London to CE, the whole thing got really complicated, he always has tons of work to do, and then there are some major positive grumblings around Comic-Con in San Diego, (of which i cannot speak so ask me not, as Yoda would say…) Getting grumblings from many sources so i’ll blog again when i know for sure what’s happening, but maybe John will be there. We of the John Alvin site/ArtInsights will definitely be there to promote the site in particular and John in general.

I found some super cool extremely rare limited edition lithographs from the release of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast–images of which are on the “art work” section of the site–and we’ll have some of them at our Alvin show in October, if you are interested, let me know, because i only found a very few.

Meanwhile we are gearing up for our show in October, which is the first time John will be creating new art for a show this year, and there will be some amazing Star Wars original art being shown there. Call me at the gallery and i’ll give you a verbal sneak peek!

ok, gotta run, our gallery website needs lots of work so i’d better get on it!


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Happy Birthday!

by Jon Fiedler

The site is one month old today! Doesn’t seem like it has been that long since we published the site but it has been! It has grown alot since it’s doors were first thrown open but there is still alot to do (the still delayed user accounts and posting ability to start… I think this weekend I should be free and work is FINALLY calming down enough that I should be able to spend the time to make the code improvements needed for this). To celebrate the site’s 1 month birthday we added some more new artwork and also posted a very nice note from John about the site. We are so glad you like the site so much John!

A few stats…

Currently there are 285 pieces of John’s work available for viewing here… that is a lot! There is still more coming and we are still looking for more!
Since opening we have had over 600 visits from ~350 visitors (glad to see so many people coming back!) from every continent except South America (and Antarctica but I don’t think that really counts =p).

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by Leslie Combemale

John is indeed Lord of LOTR, well, interpretive art-wise anyway. As you know he has the rights to the fine art limited editions representing the movies. And they either have now or are about to have an interview with him on the biggest LOTR website–

well several new pieces are finally out in giclee on canvas, “The Kiss”, and “The Fellowship”, (both of which i’m proud to say i sold the original of!) and a long time ago right when they first released them i asked to have #3 of the APs (artist’s proofs) –3 for obvious reasons–so i’m looking for the perfect fan to buy the whole set, right now i have them at the gallery to sell off of, these pieces are hand embellished by John himself–there are so far around 8 or 9 in the set–(sitting outside the gallery right now, can’t get a good look at the wall they are all on!)

SO, if you are wanting something representative of John’s work, embellished, #3 and are a big LOTR fan, i’m your gal–(Lady of the Lord of the Rings. haha, pretty sure Kate, Liv, or Miranda might want that title…)

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Disneyland/World Exclusives

by Leslie Combemale

Thought since i got a call from a lovely gal who had visited the NYC Disney ‘stravganza store and saw a piece of John’s featuring Beauty and the Beast, i should let you know part of the deal with John’s work is since he has worked for Disney creating images for numerous movie campaigns, there are a few giclees he has created art for available only through the Disney theme parks…the two i know of are “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, and “Beauty and the Beast”.

Now, being an art gallery that can’t get my hands on those pieces doesn’t bother me a bit because anytime John is placed in Disneyworld/Land/Euro etc., it’s good for his collectors and popularity in the general public. I can tell you 5 years ago very few normal folks (ie not in the entertainment industry, not avid “what’s new and hot” collectors) knew his work was available for purchase or that he was responsible so so many great movie posters. Many of those from back then are my collectors and they’re Kvetching about his prices going up because of course they want more art from him, but i remind them they have gotten lots already and they are still affordable for now!

Anyway, what a huge difference when his art started getting promoted at Disney! Suddenly all the couples where one of them wasn’t on the “John Alvin buying page” got right on it–(for a while the more movie loving or artsavvy partner was doing A LOT of begging) so i have nothing but love for the Disney exclusives, assuming of course they don’t ramp it up and leave nothing for the little guy.

So while it says “we can get whatever” that’s almost totally the case except those two pieces–and of course the stuff exclusive to the Star Wars Shop, who we also love, because, well, it’s the Star Wars shop, right?

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Some Updates

by Jon Fiedler

Hi all… I just pushed some updates to the site… mostly behind the scenes stuff that makes the site easier to manage. I’m still working on the user accounts… work has been keeping me VERY busy so I haven’t had much time to work on things I want to do for here; however, I now have everything done I wanted to have complete before tackling that so I should be making some progress on that this week/weekend.

On other site improvement notes… we continue to add more artwork so please check out the new things. We also have more waiting in the wings to add so there should be a steady steam of new artwork for the next couple of weeks. Still looking for more so if you have anything we don’t have please send it our way.

Also… John stopped by earlier this week and tested out the “John’s comments” feature to post something about one of his works which is very kewl (One of the aladdin pieces)… he is very busy I know so I’m not sure how often he will get a chance to add more comments but I think it is awesome to have his thoughts about his art so hopefully he will get more chances to do so in the future!

Anyway… bed time for me now that the code has been pushed and everything seems to work :) Hope everyone is enjoying the site and again if you have any comments please let us know!

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by Leslie Combemale

hi from whatever that thingie is that Luke floats in after almost dying in Hoth, (i.e I’m recuperating from Celebration) ok, don’t send me a mountain of e-mail about what it’s called, i’m a girl geek but do i really need to know that?

I had an amazing time there, John sold the lion’s share of his limited edition, and bought out the rest of the edition, which is great news, and he also signed hundreds and hundreds of his official posters for the show, kindly and very sweetly i must say. Lots of fans coming by and either thanking him for all the beautiful posters in his career or learning about some of the ones they didn’t know about, which was cool to see!

Artists from the artists alley came by, some just gave them a piece of their work as a thanks for inspiring them, and some bought his limited edition!

I spent a lot of time with Tsuneo Sanda, and i’m sure lots of you don’t know his work because George buys most of what he does, so check out his website. Sweet man but he doesn’t speak English (only Japanese) so we spoke for at least an hour through his translator!

I also spent some time watching Lawrence Noble creating an original sculpture of Obi-Wan. He has an original outside at Skywalker Ranch, and just did 2 cool images of the Warner Brothers characters Wile E. and Roadrunner. I walked away for a while and i’d come back and the same folks were still watching him sculpt!

There was a room filled with interpretive art of Darth Vader heads i took some pics of and there are a few examples on the Events page. They are all done by different artists, and John dug them, we all had different favorites.

Andrea (John’s amazing artist wife!) and the girls of Chuck Jones Gallery (i was just there to promote the website, hang out with John and meet like minded movie art fans) helped John at the booth and check out the pic on the events page with John and Andrea and i in his booth getting excited about the Celebration. And there were lots of fans getting their art and posters signed and meeting John, and as Webmaster Jon said, do send us pics of you with John and we’ll put them up!

There were all sorts of costumed characters around, i didn’t take lots of pics of them, but as always there was Elvis Stormtrooper, who i love but even more so now because he got together with Gentle Giant and created a sculpture of himself where all the money goes to charity. We love that. Also i saw what looked like Nicole Kidman dressed as Leia (not really her, but hey, look at her!) and some amazing Queen Amadalas. (all the pics are on the Events page!)

All in all had a great time. We are still working on the site, (as well as mine which is about to be upgraded! and if you have any comments or questions you can e-mail me at Especially if you are one of the people i begged to scan images of stuff they had of John’s we don’t have on the site!

Thanks to Acme Animation for the badge, (i was “snidely whiplash” all week, and me without my mustache..) Congrats to all the artists i met for their hard work and success with their fans both new and loyal, and i hope i hear from those of you i met about linking to this site or contacting me! And please remember we are just getting the site up and running so we’ll eventually have an interview from John for the site and i’m still inputting images and writing about them so keep checking back!


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Look at all the hits

by Jon Fiedler

Hi all :)

I just talked to Leslie who is recovering from her trip to the Celebration. She talked about all great people she met and I hope some of you found your way here :) I know a good number of people are finding the site based on our hits… we have had visitors from every continent except Africa and South America so far! I found it kinda funny… I came back from seeing PotC and found we had gotten a hit from Singapore :)

I am busy making improvements to the site… a alot of the ones I have made in the last week aren’t visable but they are good changes that will help add new features. After I finish up some more internal behind the scenes changes this week, the next major thing I will add is the abiltity for everyone to register. I will hopefully have that done by the end of the weekend. This will be the first step towards having places where everyone can post. We will eventually have fourms; however, before that I think we will add a “comment” area to each piece of artwork and movie where you can post your thoughts about it.

Speaking of Artwork I know Leslie asked some people to send images of any of John’s artwork that we are missing here… please send me anything you might have (original art work, posters, pictures from trading cards with John’s work, etc)… we would love to add as much of his work as possible. You can send it to me at or if there are issues with that should work also :)

One further image request… if you have images of yourself and John together (him signing artwork for you or anything) and would like to have them posted please send those also. If we get some then we can add a new page to show them off.

Finally, if there are any suggestions about things to add to the site… please let us know also.

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Wow, This is no jedi mind trick, this is 50,000 dedicated fans!

by Leslie Combemale

Yesterday was the first day of the Celebration, and John and Andrea have been meeting loyal loving fans of John’s work and telling folks who didn’t know whatall he’d done in the past about his career. They are selling the heck out of the limited edition and he is signing the hundreds and hundreds of official Celebration posters being bought at the Celebration store.

I’d love to blog forever because i’m having a great time, partially because i love Star Wars geeks and partially because i am one, (felt a little rediculous–and bone fide– having to take 3 trips to my car with the SW stuff i bought)

These are real fans but also largely really smart and ingaged people who can carry on a real conversation, make no mistake. I’m proud to be one of them.

Meanwhile the artist alley is going gangbusters and i stood in line for 1 1/2 hours (which went fast i was talking to the artists and fans in line) and bought some great art by them, but also i was touched and thrilled to hear such glowing praise and awe when i mentioned John or John’s work, and lots of them gave me something to give to him just as a thank you for inspiring them. (yes, artists aren’t just sensitive, artists are cool!)

This site got picked up on the official Star Wars blog (i believe they said “great new site!!!”) and Mike who is selling the official Celebration posters put cards out for this site for anyone who buys a poster (or wanders by) and 100s more are gone in a few hours. YEA! We really want input from the fans so do e-mail us with your experiences with John and thoughts about his work we’d love to put it in !

There are lots of originals at John’s booth and fans are excited to see them and talk to him, last night on the bus to the hotel he had a line of little kids asking for his autograph that just about choked me up. He is so sweet to them! (plus of course he felt like a rock star!)

i’m already late for today’s show and i have lots of pics to put on the site, so check back (hopefully we’ll put them up Saturday night Sunday-ish) and i’ll tell all about how it’s been.

Okeydoke. off again into the abyss.


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Celebration IV

by Jon Fiedler

Well Leslie is at Star Wars Celebration IV

*grumbles about work preventing him from going*

Hopefully she will have time and an internet connection so we can get some first hand details about everything going on there. On a kewl note… we got a nice mention on the “Official Celebration IV” Blog

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by Jon Fiedler

Welcome to!

This is Jon the webmaster/web-designer/developer/etc.

We hope you like the new site; however, please know that is very much a work in progress. In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more art, more information, and more features. If you have any feedback about the site please e-mail me Also if you have some piece of John Alvin’s art that we are missing and would like to see it here let me know. Finally if you are a graphic artist that loves John’s work and would like to help the site there are some icons I want to create but my graphics arts skills aren’t quite as good as I would like them to be; however, the only thing I can offer you as ‘payment’ is credit on the “About Us” page.

I want to thank the wonderful Mr. Alvin for providing us a lot of images (some we don’t think you will find anywhere else) and also Linda Jones Enterprises (LJE) for providing images and some other content. Not to mention John’s art is what really makes this site look good!

Again if you have any comments, suggestions, or things you would like to see please let me know!

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