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Comicon Craze

by Leslie Combemale ok, yes, we’ll be at Comic-Con, and i’m very excited! It turns out John won’t be going to London to CE, the whole thing got really complicated, he always has tons of work to do, and then

Happy Birthday!

by Jon Fiedler The site is one month old today! Doesn’t seem like it has been that long since we published the site but it has been! It has grown alot since it’s doors were first thrown open but there


by Leslie Combemale John is indeed Lord of LOTR, well, interpretive art-wise anyway. As you know he has the rights to the fine art limited editions representing the movies. And they either have now or are about to have an

Disneyland/World Exclusives

by Leslie Combemale Thought since i got a call from a lovely gal who had visited the NYC Disney ‘stravganza store and saw a piece of John’s featuring Beauty and the Beast, i should let you know part of the


by Leslie Combemale hi from whatever that thingie is that Luke floats in after almost dying in Hoth, (i.e I’m recuperating from Celebration) ok, don’t send me a mountain of e-mail about what it’s called, i’m a girl geek but

Look at all the hits

by Jon Fiedler Hi all 🙂 I just talked to Leslie who is recovering from her trip to the Celebration. She talked about all great people she met and I hope some of you found your way here 🙂 I

Wow, This is no jedi mind trick, this is 50,000 dedicated fans!

by Leslie Combemale Yesterday was the first day of the Celebration, and John and Andrea have been meeting loyal loving fans of John’s work and telling folks who didn’t know whatall he’d done in the past about his career. They

Celebration IV

by Jon Fiedler Well Leslie is at Star Wars Celebration IV *grumbles about work preventing him from going* Hopefully she will have time and an internet connection so we can get some first hand details about everything going on there.


by Jon Fiedler Welcome to! This is Jon the webmaster/web-designer/developer/etc. We hope you like the new site; however, please know that is very much a work in progress. In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more