Comicon Craze

by Leslie Combemale

ok, yes, we’ll be at Comic-Con, and i’m very excited! It turns out John won’t be going to London to CE, the whole thing got really complicated, he always has tons of work to do, and then there are some major positive grumblings around Comic-Con in San Diego, (of which i cannot speak so ask me not, as Yoda would say…) Getting grumblings from many sources so i’ll blog again when i know for sure what’s happening, but maybe John will be there. We of the John Alvin site/ArtInsights will definitely be there to promote the site in particular and John in general.

I found some super cool extremely rare limited edition lithographs from the release of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast–images of which are on the “art work” section of the site–and we’ll have some of them at our Alvin show in October, if you are interested, let me know, because i only found a very few.

Meanwhile we are gearing up for our show in October, which is the first time John will be creating new art for a show this year, and there will be some amazing Star Wars original art being shown there. Call me at the gallery and i’ll give you a verbal sneak peek!

ok, gotta run, our gallery website needs lots of work so i’d better get on it!