by Leslie Combemale

wow. the many fans and friends of John’s the world over are reeling from the news that he died unexpectedly on wednesday afternoon. i had just gotten an e-mail from him about an art forum in LA, where he was to be a featured artist and do a big presentation. he was really excited about it and we were looking forward to hanging out. he signed his e-mail as he always did “ATTA”– always three there are–, because i’m french and i kiss close friends on the cheek three times hello and goodbye. it’s a custom he loved and embraced with me at our gallery.
now, i think of that last writing, and i have such a feeling of luck and joy at having been such close friends with him, and that that was the last thing he said to me. atta…

andrea and he were such an amazing team, still individuals, and always very loving towards each other, we went out to a wonderful dinner the last time i saw him to a fabulous restaurant near DC, they sat us in a place of honor, we had a great time, spent hours there. i never heard anything but high praise and loving words from him about her. (and vise versa) He loved Farah completely (i’m sure you guys know his nickname for her “cake” is hidden in lots of famous film posters…) so, i feel like, apart from his great success as an artist, he had a life of love–which is the greatest success, really.

meanwhile, the fans! so many great stories and memories of John taking time, inspiring them, becoming friends with them–love reading them. please if you haven’t sent your experience with John or with his art, send us an e-mail and we’ll put it on the site. We’ve gotten many thousands of hits in just the last day, and many people are writing me saying how much they appreciate reading other people’s experience with him, and also i know his family really loves seeing how important he was to so many people around the world…

John would be so touched and pleased.