by Leslie Combemale

oye! the crowds. the costumes. and the surprise Spock sightings!

The jury was out for a while if John was going to be at Comic-Con, of course no one would actually work it unless they absolutely had to (trust me, it’s different when you work it! i swear it’s impossible not to fry a few braincells in the process!) so he wound up staying home and painting his commissions and hopefully playing with his dog etc., and i went with Jon and checked out the lay of the Blade Runner land, as there was a panel, signing and general to-do about the new dvd release–including RIDLEY SCOTT being there, thank goddess i didn’t run into him, i would have acted like a complete ninny. (i’m a director geek–just ask Frank Darabont!)

So as hoped and expected, John got rights and is releasing a new limited edition from Blade Runner, the piece sold originally for tons of money a long time ago, and now they have a new piece in two formats, paper and canvas, eminently affordable, got lots of buzz and excitement given there were people like Leonard Nimoy and Ridley Scott wandering around…

I stayed with a friend in La Jolla with a gorgeous view of the water so i could decompress when i came back from 9 hours of show–no, i didn’t stay with Jim Lee…but i did see him as well as other artists i love and will be carrying originals by in the near future. Folks like John Alvin pave the way for other talented film artists to be successful! I’m finding more and more enthusiasm for the art of the film, not just movie posters! See, all you leaders who love John’s art and movie art in general are creating quite the bandwagon.

It reminds me of when i started carrying animation art almost 20 years ago at another gallery (i was 5…ok, not really but let’s pretend) and everyone was like “umm, do you have any real art?” things have certainly changed in the world of animation!

John is working now toward the show we are having on the weekend of October 6th. If you are interested in an original, let me know and i’ll send you images from the show when we get them!