John’s Comments: This is the introductory image of a character of my own invention. So much of my work is based on the copyrighted properties of others that I wanted to start making art that I fully own. This character is the first of an intended many and it is also the first look at this character. There will be other images of this concept in the future. Here is a brief back story of Cinema’s beginnings: Enshrouded in the timeless ethers of Mythology and hidden from the world for eons, She waited and watched. One by one, her Nine Sisters fostered the creative pursuits of Mortals, giving the world the Arts and all that surrounds them and enfolds them. Her purpose, Her providence, originally a Mystery, began to Coalesce piece by piece as She Mastered each of Her Sister’s Domains. The Art She would inspire could not have existed back at the beginning. It needed Time. It needed all the other Arts to mature and find their place in the inspired Pantheon of Creativity. With the Technology of a New Age as Her ally, and the spark of Electricity at Her command, She would visit the early purveyors of a New original Art and because of Her, they would create “The Movies”. She inspires the Art of The Motion Picture and at last, out of the Shadows, Her long hidden identity is revealed. Her name is CINEMA and She is THE 10th MUSE © John Alvin 2006 All rights reserved.