Learn more about his work in his own words in these interviews with John Alvin.

Interview with BladeZone: The Online Blade Runner Fan Club

Well, there is something pleasing about animated films in that the animated film is artwork, per say as opposed to photography. And so artwork to sell artwork is kind of a natural way to go. And I love doing it, especially since so many one-sheets today are simply publicity shots of who’s starring in the film. There’s not a lot of art or design really involved. I’ve been very privileged to do a lot of work for Disney on some of their films over the last ten years and those are pieces I show with great pride. 

StarWars.com Profile of John with Lots of Quotes

“When working on any image relative to the Star Wars saga, all I have to remember is how I felt when I first saw the Rebel Blockade Runner overtaken by the Imperial Star Destroyer in the opening of Episode IV,” Alvin explains. “From that moment on, I was forever a part of the Star Wars universe. “


John’s good friend Leslie Combemale from ArtInsights also conducted a series of video interviews. These not-to-be-missed videos can be enjoyed at John Alvin’s artist page at ArtInsights.com.