by Leslie Combemale

We have finally gotten together some of the best of John’s art, some of which we got from a private collector who had bought a bunch of his pieces years ago, and we have put together a wonderful show that includes THE ORIGINAL ART for Blade Runner, ET, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Concert, and Lion King posters. the Blade Runner alone is worth coming here to see! if you are interested in buying one of these rare images, you can go to our gallery site and see everything that’s available to buy right now, at

also, here are a few other links:
to see Blade Runner, go here~
to see ET, go here~

We continue to work on folks knowing John’s importance to the history of film, and this collection of art being on display has gotten some great press! We are looking forward to Andrea’s book on her husband coming out next year, which will also teach many more about John’s awesomeness!!

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