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Happy 40th Anniversary E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!

By art-insights | Jun 11, 2022

It’s the 40th anniversary of E.T., and we at John Alvin Art want to celebrate the ET anniversary by amplifying the wonderful work of John…

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The Art of Blade Runner by John Alvin

By art-insights | Sep 8, 2019

When a future sci-fi classic and an sci-fi-loving art geek collided ArtInsights Gallery just got the last two original paintings representing Blade Runner created by…

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The Lost Boys: Bottleneck limited edition release and Original art available by John Alvin

By art-insights | Jun 4, 2019

The first official collaboration between the estate of John Alvin and Bottleneck Gallery was with an image of E.T., and that went incredibly well. John…

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John Alvin’s E.T. Phones in the Worth of Traditional Illustration Art

By art-insights | Oct 17, 2016

Heritage Auctions just sold the original key art by John Alvin from E.T. for $394,000 after the buyer’s premium.  The bidding was brisk and committed,…

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By art-insights | Aug 15, 2014

As some of you who follow The Art of John Alvin, not the book, but the actual art, which is represented by ArtInsights Animation and…

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