John Alvin

Creating the Promise of a Great Experience

John Alvin

Film Artist of Over 200 Beloved Films

John Alvin

Most Influential Film Poster Artist of All Time

Who is John Alvin

As the preeminent cinema artist, John Alvin's goal was always "creating the promise of a great experience." Over the course of his illustrious career, John designed and illustrated some of film's most recognizable art. His artistry was so phenomenal at drawing curious movie-goers into cinemas that Disney coined his unique style "Alvin-izing", giving a nod to that indescribable magic that John was capable of evoking in his posters. John's work has touched the lives of billions, providing iconic artwork for over 200 films, including Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Disney's Aladdin. When it comes to film artists, John Alvin truly is one of the greatest and most important in history.

What Films Did John Alvin Work On

John worked on over 200 films, including the posters and/or production art for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Little Mermaid, Blade Runner, The Lion King, Gremlins, Beauty and the Beast, Young Frankenstein, The Princess Bride, Cocoon, Phantom of the Paradise, Flatliners, History of the World Part I, Legend, The Lost Boys, Arachnophobia, Silent Movie, Mulan, Jurassic Park, Victor/Victoria, Willow, Blazing Saddles, Aladdin, Short Circuit, Spaceballs, Darkman, and Batman Returns to name a few.

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Why to Collect John Alvin

If you're a film enthusiast or a lover of great artistry, John Alvin's art should absolutely be on your radar. John designed and illustrated posters that will permanently have a place in the cinematic spotlight, such as the iconic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial poster, which invokes the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. The incredible artistry behind John's work has also been recognized by important organizations and museums, such as the Smithsonian Museum of Washington D.C., which exhibited John's poster of Phantom of the Paradise as one of the best posters of the 20th century. Given the fading art form of painted film posters, original John Alvin art has become highly sought after treasures for film aficionados and collectors around the globe. An original production image of John's from E.T. sold at auction for nearly $400,000, while some of his full color original works have sold for nearly $1 million. John Alvin was a once-every-era artist, and his artwork is nothing short of magical.

Where to Buy John Alvin's Art

The only official place to buy John Alvin's work is from ArtInsights Gallery of Film and Contemporary Art. Leslie Combemale, founder and owner of ArtInsights, was a close friend of John's. Upon his passing in 2008, Leslie stepped up to represent John's estate of artwork. Leslie works closely with John's wife Andrea Alvin to further John's name in museums and art collections globally. If you wish to be a part of this cinematic legacy, visit the ArtInsights Gallery in Reston, Virginia or visit the ArtInsights website.

A Few of John's Legendary Film Posters

Some of the most iconic and important posters of film history