John’s Homepage – This is John Alvin’s official home page 🙂
Galleries who carry John Alvin originals (and limited editions)

ArtInsights Animation and Film Arts Gallery – We are proud to say that ArtInsights is now the exclusive dealer for all original art by John Alvin. Obviously we love John and our goal here is to expand awareness of his talent/art. We put together this site for him because we are his #1 fans. We would love for you to call us if you are looking for ANYTHING John Alvin related, whether it’s original art, older limited editions, or our own exclusive limited edition art. (or movie related or cartoon related, for that matter) Check us out! Our website is new also, so please be patient with it or you can call us directly. Anything you see on this site that is available we can get for you! We carry a lot of original and limited edition animation and movie art. So if there is something in particular you are looking for we will do our best to find it for you. If you want something you see here, are looking for an original cel from your favorite animated movie or show, see a limited edition you want from Linda Jones Enterprises, Collectors Editions, or many others, or want a work of art created especially for you, please call or e-mail us and we will work hard to get you what you want. Over the years we have made a lot of great contacts and can find you a lot of art that isn’t otherwise available.

Star Wars and Movie-Related Sites who Support or Carry John’s Work
  • – obviously the king of all SW sites, and there are exclusives of John’s limited editions that relate to Star Wars there.
  • – this site is great for the latest news about SW related happenings, and they often carry info on John’s work.
  • – love this site for its name alone. Extremely informative.
  • – this is the site for all things LOTR, and they have been kind enough in the past to show images of his new limited editions. They are about to put an interview on there conducted with John.
  • New Line – New Line Cinema, creators of the Lord of the Rings movies
  • Learn About Movie Posters – a great site for movie poster artists and some of their better known images. also a bit of a clearinghouse for movie poster sellers and galleries to promote themselves.
  • I Collect Movie Posters – there is what appears to be an extremely informative article on this site about collecting SW posters, as well as other useful tidbits.
  • Internet Movie Poster Awards page for John
Other Artists – Star Wars Related
More Artists

John loved to support up and coming artists, see you what you think of these other folks who were chosen to release limited editions at Celebration IV and Celebration V…

More Links You’ll Want to Check Out
  • Farah Alvin – John’s daughter, who is climbing the Broadway ladder and who is on quite a few musical soundtrack albums, has a website and you can buy her latest CD there!
  • Andrea Alvin – Andrea Alvin’s new web site showcasing her wonderful artwork!
  • Ritual Echo – The folks at ArtInsights along with friend and cohort Doug have a band and this is their website.
  • Character Central –  Disney Characters Website