by Leslie Combemale

clearly time does nothing to lessen my love of movies/art/and acting like a fool…our gallery chose Pirates of the Caribbean as our subject for the Reston Town Center holiday parade (in years past I’ve been the Queen from Snow White, Snow White–an error in judgement at best, but 5 year olds seem to forgive a lot–we’ve had the Grinch, and lots of other cool characters–thousands of people show up even though it’s pretty small town…anyway, in honor of the amazing work John has done this year and to promote his limited editions etc., we all dressed up like pirates and walked the parade, i dragged my whole family into it (webmaster Jon was out of town, my dad was there but not pictured, which we’ll put up on the events page when Jon gets back from galavanting to Disneyland…)

Jon did a fabulous poster for a festival in Santa Fe, and there’s a small show of his work at the CJ gallery in Santa Fe starting this weekend.. December 1st…we continue to add new images to johnalvinart.com (that is to say, new to the site, some of them were done years ago and we’ve gotten images of them from fans/collectors/MOVIE DIRECTORS!!!) still have to put more info on the art in the site, but we have real jobs too (and pirates to impersonate, hey, i never said my real job was coalmining…i have a great real job!) so anyway, more info will show up eventually. and also, thanks to all the visitors to the site, sometimes we get hundreds a day, which floors me, and i know touches John Alvin, although this kind of love and appreciation is totally deserved!


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