The Art of John Alvin is a wonderful celebration of John's stunning and impactful artwork. Written by John's wife Andrea Alvin, this book is a great collection of John's most well-known work and the process behind them. Art from Blade Runner, E.T., The Lion King, Star Wars, and many others are on display in this book, giving unique insight with the stories and artistic journeys that John underwent. Some previously never-before-seen John Alvin concept work is even featured in this book. If you're a film fan, be sure to add this cinematic treasure to your library!

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Reviews of The Art of John Alvin

Any art-collecting movie nerd worth his or her Reese’s Pieces owns at least one John Alvin creation. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Blade Runner, The Gremlins, Jurassic Park—Alvin designed poster art for all of them. By hand. They are among the most enduring images of recent film history. - Wired

"Kudos to Titan for seeing that Alvin’s work lives long and prospers!" -  Nerdist

"A wonderful celebration of an artist whose influence far exceeded his acclaim." - The Verge 

"The extra sketches and stories behind the images add a new level of interest and appreciation to the work" - Geek Dad 

"This is a must buy for art and film lovers alike. John Alvin is one of the most gifted artists of our generation and this book is a loving tribute to his memory." - Pop Cults

"The Art of John Alvin is a great addition to a movie- or art-buff’s library, and it helps preserve and honor the work of one of the best poster artists the industry has ever seen. The behind-the-scenes information and concept drawings alone make this one worth picking up." - Film Pulse

"Prepare to be blown away by sketches, paintings and even tag lines that you never saw, but could have easily become the art and posters for your favorite movies." - Animation Scoop 

"Artist John Alvin created some of the most iconic film posters in cinematic history." - Indiewire