Happy 40th Anniversary to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial!

John Alvin Art celebrates John Alvin's iconic movie poster for the beloved classic in a new blog featuring exclusive insights from Andrea Alvin.

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John Working on Batman Forever

Illustrious Film Illustrator

John Alvin

About John

John Alvin is known worldwide as one of the greatest film illustrators of all time. His prolific career has touched the hearts of millions, inspiring audiences with his magical artistic touch. This website is dedicated to educating film fans and displaying John's legendary artwork from productions like The Lion King, E.T., Blade Runner, Star Wars, and his 200+ other projects.

John's mission for all of his art was "creating the promise of a great experience."  We are sure you'll agree that he certainly fulfilled his mission with his majestic works of art. He helped breathe life into the films you love so much.

- The Alvin Family and ArtInsights Family


The Artwork of John Alvin

Enter John and his extraordinary artwork.

Somehow, John was able to capture the emotion of an entire movie in a single image. His exquisite posters became the anchors of our marketing campaigns. They didn't just inspire people to attend these films, they inspired us to promote them.

- Jeffery Katzenberg, Walt Disney Film Studio Chairman, 2014

There was a reason why The Lion King did the numbers that it did...

There was a reason why 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' became a big success. It's because of the images that were produced, and a lot of those were John Alvin's paintings.

- John Sabel, Walt Disney Advertising Executive, 2008

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