Note from John written when this site began in 2007...

I am really thrilled by this new site. I never thought I'd say that about some one else's site about me and my artwork but then, there was a time when no websites existed at all. I am as thrilled about this site now as I would have been before websites if some one had said back then "I really love your art!" Not just someone though, but a person who understands and embraces artists and all of a our attendant neuroses and personality quirks.

Leslie of Artnsights is unique in her overview about such things. When she first saw my work, she made her regard for it immediately known and she went to work to bring it to her clients. She has done this so very well and to my success and satisfaction. This website is another step that forwards her belief in my work and I am so grateful for her sentiments and for this site. I have found myself so busy that I haven't advanced my own site at all and I'm so happy with Leslie's site about me that I have recently referred many interested people to this site instead of my own-because this one is better!!!

I am so flattered with the thoroughness and the content of this site that I'm not sure I can do myself any justice by furthering the work on my own. In any event, is a comprehensive and most excellent overview of my career to date and I hope anyone visiting won't hesitate to ask me anything or comment as they see fit. Visitors who don't know me will find me candid and complete in terms of answers that I give and I will gladly explain or expand upon anything posted so far here at Leslie's site.

Imagine how I must feel-this site is currently cooler and better and far more complete than mine! Maybe I should try to buy Leslie out and just claim this as my own! I am delighted that I can point friends and fans right here.

- John Alvin, June 2007


This is the note John Alvin wrote when we opened the site in 2007. We loved having his blessing, and we wanted to keep this little bit of him on the site.