The first official collaboration between the estate of John Alvin and Bottleneck Gallery was with an image of E.T., and that went incredibly well. John Alvin’s famous image for the film, after all, is considered one of the classics of film illustration. The estate, John’s longtime fans, and the folks at ArtInsights love seeing collectors and movie lovers show their appreciation for the work of John Alvin. It’s a joy to hear people talk about their memories of seeing his many posters at the theaters, or even growing up with them in their rooms, reminding them of some of their favorite movies. We are so excited that working with Bottleneck will bring both new and beloved images of his work into homes, celebrating film art as REAL art…it’s about time!

Now we’re on to the second release! It’s The Lost Boys coming at you!

Last Friday, Andrea Alvin and Leslie Combemale of ArtInsights went into Manhattan to the Roxy Hotel (and movie palace!) for an event with Bottleneck Gallery, where The Lost Boys was played to an enthusiastic crowd, Andrea did a short Q&A with Justin Ishmael, and they had a pre-release of two of three pieces John Alvin did in the process of creating the official The Lost Boys poster.

Andrea Alvin, Justin Ishmael, and Leslie Combemale with the Bottleneck limited edition based on the image by John Alvin. They do know they can’t stop vampires!
Care is taken in packaging these beauties!

The sales were brisk, and the images well-received. Now they’ll be a release on their website which will include the two images sold at the event, and a third based on a gorgeous hand-painted comp created by John Alvin of Santa Carla. You can find all the info about the limited edition release HERE.

We are also excited to actually have several of the originals on which these new limited edition releases are based for sale at ArtInsights. They are impressive representations of his expertise, inventiveness, and artistry.

“Santa Carla” by John Alvin. Original and limited edition available.

All the AP editions of all Bottleneck Gallery releases available through ArtInsights, and we’ll let everyone know all the details when they get in-house! Until then, do what you can to snap up a copy of these images during the drop, which is happening June 4th! Good luck! We look forward to our next exciting collab!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see the lion’s share of originals by John Alvin the estate still has for sale, go to the John Alvin art page on the ArtInsights site.

Leslie Combemale, for the Art Estate of John Alvin and ArtInsights Gallery