As some of you who follow The Art of John Alvin, not the book, but the actual art, which is represented by ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery, know quite well, Andrea Alvin has been working for several years writing, compiling, and getting permissions for a (hopefully first) book on John Alvin’s career and art. It is being released by Titan Books. We have been thrilled to see not only the attention that Titan has given it in terms of promotion, but also the interest, well deserved, by the press worldwide.

We are told this is only the first round, and more articles will appear as the actual release date happens, but we are going to keep a list of all the articles and reviews, good or (goddess forbid!) bad, right here. We hope this will not only allow for long overdue recognition of John as one of the foremost artists who ever worked in the film industry, but also wider acceptance of traditional illustration not only as important in film history, but also as a viable option today to promote and brand new movies in an artistic and creative way. There is and was only one man who painted like John Alvin. He was able to do that thing everyone at Disney called Alvin-izing.

My friend Travis of Punch Drunk Critics has a connection with Amazon and gets a teeny bit back from you buying from him and we like to support him…so if you’re buying from Amazon, click here! Here are the links so far, and we’ll be adding to them as we find more, please let us know if you find one we don’t know about!,manual#!byDA6k,-Darkman,-More.htm

I will say we are honored and thrilled and we know John’s family, especially Andrea and her daughter Farah, are touched by all the enthusiasm about the release. Here’s to more good coming from it in everyday it is deserved!

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Special Pre-Release of John’s New Book at SDCC ’14

by Christine Munchak

Limited quantities of John’s upcoming book were available for purchase at SDCC ’14, and sold out! Andrea was at the Titan Publishing booth, Now that the book is being officially released, we’ll see just how hot this book is going to be and we predict big things!  


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by Leslie Combemale

We have finally gotten together some of the best of John’s art, some of which we got from a private collector who had bought a bunch of his pieces years ago, and we have put together a wonderful show that includes THE ORIGINAL ART for Blade Runner, ET, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars Concert, and Lion King posters. the Blade Runner alone is worth coming here to see! if you are interested in buying one of these rare images, you can go to our gallery site and see everything that’s available to buy right now, at

also, here are a few other links:
to see Blade Runner, go here~
to see ET, go here~

We continue to work on folks knowing John’s importance to the history of film, and this collection of art being on display has gotten some great press! We are looking forward to Andrea’s book on her husband coming out next year, which will also teach many more about John’s awesomeness!!

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by Leslie Combemale

We’ve been quiet a long time! well, now we’re spiffying up the site, releasing art through several different channels, and Andrea is working on much to promote and expand awareness of John’s importance to the world of cinema. We’re doing what we can as well, and hopefully we’ll have most of his originals on our gallery site soon. that’s… 

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by Leslie Combemale

wow. the many fans and friends of John’s the world over are reeling from the news that he died unexpectedly on wednesday afternoon. i had just gotten an e-mail from him about an art forum in LA, where he was to be a featured artist and do a big presentation. he was really excited about it and we were looking forward to hanging out. he signed his e-mail as he always did “ATTA”– always three there are–, because i’m french and i kiss close friends on the cheek three times hello and goodbye. it’s a custom he loved and embraced with me at our gallery.
now, i think of that last writing, and i have such a feeling of luck and joy at having been such close friends with him, and that that was the last thing he said to me. atta…

andrea and he were such an amazing team, still individuals, and always very loving towards each other, we went out to a wonderful dinner the last time i saw him to a fabulous restaurant near DC, they sat us in a place of honor, we had a great time, spent hours there. i never heard anything but high praise and loving words from him about her. (and vise versa) He loved Farah completely (i’m sure you guys know his nickname for her “cake” is hidden in lots of famous film posters…) so, i feel like, apart from his great success as an artist, he had a life of love–which is the greatest success, really.

meanwhile, the fans! so many great stories and memories of John taking time, inspiring them, becoming friends with them–love reading them. please if you haven’t sent your experience with John or with his art, send us an e-mail and we’ll put it on the site. We’ve gotten many thousands of hits in just the last day, and many people are writing me saying how much they appreciate reading other people’s experience with him, and also i know his family really loves seeing how important he was to so many people around the world…

John would be so touched and pleased.


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by Leslie Combemale

clearly time does nothing to lessen my love of movies/art/and acting like a fool…our gallery chose Pirates of the Caribbean as our subject for the Reston Town Center holiday parade (in years past I’ve been the Queen from Snow White, Snow White–an error in judgement at best, but 5 year olds seem to forgive a lot–we’ve had the Grinch, and lots of other cool characters–thousands of people show up even though it’s pretty small town…anyway, in honor of the amazing work John has done this year and to promote his limited editions etc., we all dressed up like pirates and walked the parade, i dragged my whole family into it (webmaster Jon was out of town, my dad was there but not pictured, which we’ll put up on the events page when Jon gets back from galavanting to Disneyland…)

Jon did a fabulous poster for a festival in Santa Fe, and there’s a small show of his work at the CJ gallery in Santa Fe starting this weekend.. December 1st…we continue to add new images to (that is to say, new to the site, some of them were done years ago and we’ve gotten images of them from fans/collectors/MOVIE DIRECTORS!!!) still have to put more info on the art in the site, but we have real jobs too (and pirates to impersonate, hey, i never said my real job was coalmining…i have a great real job!) so anyway, more info will show up eventually. and also, thanks to all the visitors to the site, sometimes we get hundreds a day, which floors me, and i know touches John Alvin, although this kind of love and appreciation is totally deserved!


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John Alvin @ ArtInsights

by Jon Fiedler

Hey all 🙂 Quick update.

John was at the gallery this past weekend and it was great to see him again!

I just posted up something about it from Leslie under Events and Shows along with some pics… I will probably be adding some more once I go through all of mine.

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Hiya :) More Artwork

by Jon Fiedler

Hi all,

It has been a very busy summer but now it is almost over 🙁

I just added about 25 new pieces of art that came directoy from John’s archives! I can’t tell you how great he has been about providing us with images of his work that would otherwise never have been available to show here.

There are still some more site features I want to add and hopefully I will get a chance to do so soon… Leslie will be at the Baltimore Comic-Con this coming weekend but sadly I can’t make it 🙁


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by Leslie Combemale

oye! the crowds. the costumes. and the surprise Spock sightings!

The jury was out for a while if John was going to be at Comic-Con, of course no one would actually work it unless they absolutely had to (trust me, it’s different when you work it! i swear it’s impossible not to fry a few braincells in the process!) so he wound up staying home and painting his commissions and hopefully playing with his dog etc., and i went with Jon and checked out the lay of the Blade Runner land, as there was a panel, signing and general to-do about the new dvd release–including RIDLEY SCOTT being there, thank goddess i didn’t run into him, i would have acted like a complete ninny. (i’m a director geek–just ask Frank Darabont!)

So as hoped and expected, John got rights and is releasing a new limited edition from Blade Runner, the piece sold originally for tons of money a long time ago, and now they have a new piece in two formats, paper and canvas, eminently affordable, got lots of buzz and excitement given there were people like Leonard Nimoy and Ridley Scott wandering around…

I stayed with a friend in La Jolla with a gorgeous view of the water so i could decompress when i came back from 9 hours of show–no, i didn’t stay with Jim Lee…but i did see him as well as other artists i love and will be carrying originals by in the near future. Folks like John Alvin pave the way for other talented film artists to be successful! I’m finding more and more enthusiasm for the art of the film, not just movie posters! See, all you leaders who love John’s art and movie art in general are creating quite the bandwagon.

It reminds me of when i started carrying animation art almost 20 years ago at another gallery (i was 5…ok, not really but let’s pretend) and everyone was like “umm, do you have any real art?” things have certainly changed in the world of animation!

John is working now toward the show we are having on the weekend of October 6th. If you are interested in an original, let me know and i’ll send you images from the show when we get them!


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COMICON–just how many people can fit in one convention center???

by Leslie Combemale

Ok, running around and there’s some amazing stuff here, bought some amazing art for my gallery tonight, the first night and you’d think that there wouldn’t be so many people, it’s wall to wall, makes me worry about tomorrow!

JOHN ALVIN BLADE RUNNER LIMITED EDITION RELEASED! so it isn’t available at the show, but we’ll have an image in the next few days, so stay tuned, it’s 30 x 20, $450, and edition of 500. i’m so excited a lot of people who haven’t been able to afford anything can get Blade Runner now!

will keep in touch about what else we see at this crazy freeforall.


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